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"If I wanted the government in my uterus I would fill it with oil and hispanic voters!" -Britta Perry

that episode was AMAZING. AMAZING. i’m actually in awe. i would go as far as saying it’s in my top 15-20ish favorite episodes ever. beautiful. just great. i’m gushing so much right now aadhsgfadghh i love this show with all my heart. longer analysis below.

I laughed 3 times within 6 minutes. that’s when i knew it was gonna be good.


the germans are beautiful antagonists. adore them. carl’s hot and abed having other friends troy likes as well makes me happy. 

flashbacks! todd! vicki! leonard! 

i wanted to snuggle the fuck out of chang. dean’s lines killed me too.

annie, britta, and shirley looked smoking hot in their german costume things. damn!

a lot of people think the cleaning up thing they did was kinda trite and lame but i loved it. it made me smile.and whenever the group gets a reality check that not everything is about them? awesome. love the new professor.

SOOOOO many people HATED the pierce electrocution thing. like shut up. his and shirley’s lines made up for the tiny bit of force there.

the end tag made me so happy. troy and abed having a real show made me so happy. i’m so happy.

my main gripe wasn’t about the episode itself. it’s the fans now. going through /r/community and the community tag here makes my blood boil. be a true fan and stick with the goddamn show. this episode was actually wicked good. if i didn’t know better, i would have thought a good portion was harmon-approved.