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community recap


ok the first part of the episode, before the first commercial made me nervous. it was good, don’t get me wrong, but it felt a bit off. it was the camera work and the hitchcock homage thing i think. not bad, just not great. i’m no annie/jeff shipper but the whole decorating thing was cute, and i loved the sly jab at when the episode would be airing. 

troy ditching britta for abed. yes good. troy britta bad. yippee kay yay father christmas!! and he’s getting better at christmas, so cute.

i have no idea what the song is that jeff put in his paper but the delivery made me laugh, especially with britta. awesome.

i’ve always loved annie’s little lies to save herself/keep the group together. this one was especially selfish and devious. i love when annie’s not all perfect. you’re f-ing us?

fucking the second they saw kevin next to the tied up professor i gasped. i gasped a lot in this episode! so good. i can’t recall it off the top of my head but i love chang’s line there.

ahhhhh the attempted turnings. so good, really picked up my spirits about the episode, and deservingly! all the little thing, the banter, callbacks. UGH PERFECTION. childish black man, shirley being the valedictorian, abed standing up for himself a little, ANNIE’S FUCKING FAKE POLICE INTERVIEW OMG, e pluribus anus, literally everything my mind is racing with them ughhhh so good!

i love the professor guy, he’s something new and interesting for a community “villain”. and he made me sad when he revealed he did it at the end. i expected it to be chang that let him go, not just tying a faulty knot. great twist.

the presents were all so precious. really showed the group’s love. especially troy’s pickaxe and shirley’s brownie bible.

i miss pierce, but this episode worked without him pretty well. ): meh

and i don’t think i can talk about the end tag without crying in joy. kittens, for one. and when they showed the graphic for the darkest timeline i gasped and put my hands on my mouth. not expecting that at ALL, and done so well!! this better lead to an amazing finale!!

easily the 2nd best episode of the season, after the thanksgiving one but before the sophie hawkins dance. so so so so so happy!!!