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"If I wanted the government in my uterus I would fill it with oil and hispanic voters!" -Britta Perry

holy god.

i’m just fucking floored. jim rash, donald, danny, gillian, everyone outdid themselves. this is what i want and more from a community episode. WOW.

the beginning, which i always love, was stellar. they got right into it, and seeing chevy made me grin. a group project is always a good sign at greendale. annie vs. shirley is always great. they’re so similar and they hate it. hell, anything with shirley is great. yvette is so underutilized. 

at the very mention of troy and britta’s anniversary i knew it was the end. good riddance. but it was closed so well. loved troy and britta’s reactions. and fucking pierce’s comment on britta getting around the table hahahah

troy and abed’s childishness was handled really well with a good balance of reactions from the others. sometimes i feel like everyone’s forgotten about it.

hooooo boy this is where it got great. first off, the oil spill tshirt on britta, hell yeah! troy waking up abed and them being each other. god. fucking damn. these are ACTORS. donald especially blew me away with all the mannerisms, even if it was a tad overdone, but that worked out in the end.

the dick check YES and them telling the study group YES YES YES and jeff taking control and splitting them up YES and jeff being a douche to pierce NO. bad. that part made my smile melt away for a bit. i know chevy’s a douche and hard to work with, but it’s definitely not all his doing that led to him quitting.

dean “turning into” jeff and the routine light switch thing almost made me fall off the couch. and jim rash does a better jeff winger than joel does. no wonder this guy has an oscar. he needs another for the writing and acting in this episode alone. made wayyy up for his overdoneness this season.

i was happy to see abed’s die hard hating waiter again. too too good. all with britta’s plan to break him as well!

alright whole thing with annie and shirley here. first of all, leonard as number one: yes. second, annie being aroused by dean-jeff: yes. shirley being disturbed by annie’s arousal: fucking SI SENORITA. dean-jeff’s shut up leonard line yes yes this whole episode was just a YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

honestly idk if i can really put down my thought process with the whole abed troy britta situation. it was just so well done. so unique to this show and this show only. name one other show that would have two unlikely best friends pretend to pull a freaky friday because one of them was too scared to break up with his girlfriend. no other show.

the scene where it was jumping between troy and abed saying the same thing to jeff/britta was my favorite. emotional and full of heart. so damn real. and nothing made me happier that jeff indulging in the light switch thing to “fix” everything. and the breakup was clean. everything was clean. i love this fucking show. and the end tag with the lampshaded outtakes thing? even more clean and perfect.

i love this show more than anything and it’s both embarrassing and wonderful. i’m gonna miss it so much ):